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Community Wellness Program At Century Middle School A Success

On Thursday, January 9th, HELPCO went to Century Middle School for a community involvement event. The event began around 4:30 pm and lasted until about 5:15 pm. After the Run/Walk Club wellness event concluded the participants felt great from their experience. The HELPCO volunteers provided free snacks and refreshments as well as participation incentives for those who participated. HELPCO exists to help everyone and will continue to improve our communities.

The next community involvement event for HELPCO will be on Thursday, January 16th at Century Middle School. The school is located at 13000 Lafayette St in Thornton (80241). The event is set to begin at 4:30 pm on the track and is scheduled to last for 1 hour but the time will be adjusted depending on daylight. Look for the HELPCO shirts if you would like to join us. As always you can contact us through the website or social media if you would like to know more. We hope to see you there or at another weekly scheduled HELPCO event.


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