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       ABOUT US

HELPCO's mission is to provide help to communities wherever it is needed. Our goal is to have a sustainable and immediate positive impact on all the people we serve in areas of need, like but not limited to, human services, environmental quality, and community improvement.  

Human Services


The Human services we provide include:

Affording food to those in need – Our commitment to providing this basic human need is evident through our efforts to be a presence in the community by offering free or reduced cost food to all those in need. This is accomplished by coordinating mobile food serving services that target areas of demand. With the continued growth of HELPCO, we will be able to expand this service to provide our help daily.

Assistance to the unemployed and homeless – We are dedicated to lending support to those experiencing financial hardships by offering guidance to employment opportunities and the knowledge and skills to sustain employment. We attain this goal by connecting anyone needing assistance to employers and free or reduced price job training programs that will develop in them the proficiency needed to be prosperous. As HELPCO continues to thrive, our increased connections with the community will provide more opportunities.

Source of aid to anyone in crisis - Our pledge is to being a place people can look to for relief during a challenging time. The benefits we provide range from connecting anyone experiencing adversity to those who can help at a free or reduced rate to organizing efforts to donate support. HELPCO will continue to offer even more assistance by continuously researching and reaching out to the community in order to find those in need.

Environmental Quality 

An effort we help address in our communities is to preserve and enhance the environment. Establishing and coordinating local area revitalizations allow for us and residents to contribute their talents in a way that will provide an immediate impact on our surroundings. This is an ongoing endeavor that is addressed through research, exploration, and feedback from those we serve.

Community Improvement 

One of the many areas we take pride in is our development of a sense of belonging in our local areas. Presenting opportunities to assemble and gather with others who share a common desire for the improvement of our quality of life help to maintain volunteer engagement and sustainability. Through organized community events and charitable junctures, we are able to continue to maintain all that we offer.



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