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Another Successful Cleanup By HELPCO At Quail Crossing Park

HELPCO volunteers braved the cold temperatures and held their latest preserve and enhance the environment event last Sunday, February 4th at Quail Crossing Park. The event began at 1 pm and lasted until after 2 pm. The result was a another collection of over 100 pounds of litter and recyclables that was spread throughout the park and surrounding areas. The volunteers left feeling that intrinsic reward of making a difference. They seized the day and accomplished something that truly helped the community.

The next event for HELPCO is to preserve and enhance the environment around McKay Lake on Sunday, February 11th. The parking area is located 1892 W 144th Ave in Broomfield (80023). We will begin at 1 pm in the parking area and spread around the lake

and onto the surrounding sidewalks. The event will last at least an hour but we will extend our time if needed to complete the cleanup. We will be wearing our HELPCO shirts and should be easy to spot if you choose to attend. We hope to see you at this or another HELPCO event scheduled weekly.


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