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Cleanup At Croke Drive Park compliments Of HELPCO

HELPCO held a preserve and enhance the environment event at Croke Drive Park on Sunday, February 17th. The cleanup began at 1:00 pm and lasted until about 2:00 pm. By the conclusion of the event the park and surrounding streets looked much improved. The HELPCO volunteers were thankful to help and happy to be there. Citizens passing by were also appreciative of the volunteers effort to improve their neighborhood.

The next preserve and enhance the environment event for HELPCO will be on Sunday, February 24th at Ruston Park. The park is located at 3225 W 98th Ave in Denver (80260). The event is set to begin at 1:00 pm in the park and then spread out onto the surrounding areas. The cleanup is scheduled to last for 1 hour but the time will be extended if needed. Look for the HELPCO shirts if you would like to join us. As always you can contact us through the website or social media if you would like to know more. We hope to see you there or at another weekly scheduled HELPCO event.


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